Wall of Redness

  • AuthorEllman Design
  • Date 2 July 2014
  • CategoryCompany Update

After eliminating about 2/3 of out Material & Sample Library, we were finally able to move about and reorganize the desks in a way that the property mangers were able to come in and paint the walls. As our new logo had incorporated a stark red, white and black, we decided to incorporate some of that colour scheme back into our built environment. Like the walls, we painted the remaining library shelves white, with the exception of an 8-foot section of wall sandwiched in-between a corner and a majestic wood column. This, we decided, would be our feature wall and eventually be the home of a new, vinyl-cut logo – in perfect position for those who come through our door and more importantly, for us to admire when we sit around or custom-built layout table drinking coffee.

(Wall of Redness brought to you by Emek. Thanks Emek!)

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