What South Korea Taught Us

  • AuthorEllman Design
  • Date 3 July 2015
  • CategoryCurrent Events

Researcher’s analysed data out of South Korea 10 years after the official work week was shortened from 6 days (48 hours) to 5 days (44 hours). Respondents (sample size unknown) both male and female were no more happy with their work/ life. What does this mean? One likely hypothesis tabled is that it is not the length of time off but a better working/living environment. Does this mean public space, the ground plan between work and home is becoming more and more important? In so far as urbanisation this is appears true. Architectural and Interior Design practises need to recognise and pursue this area and encourage their clients to talk these spaces seriously.

There is quite frankly too much work for the number of Landscape Architects and the like to possibly transform the ground plane of our urban and suburban contexts. From lobby to street side bus/streetcar stop, from lobby to concourse from home to shops. The shift from personal cars to other forms of transit play a role (walking). People will be more likely to wait for something in a comfortable, conditioned or some how pleasing space. The same reasons major and minor corporations, shop keepers and the like update / refresh their environments. New seating, new signs, plants translate into dollars.

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